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Jonathan More

Jonathan has a proven track record of developing products to exacting customer requirements for organizations like Cisco, Apple, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Solectron, and numerous medical device companies.

He has written software ranging from low-level, 8-bit microcontroller code, to Windows device drivers and high-level Windows-based applications. He has developed hardware using embedded processors, DSP, audio, video, power, and FPGAs.

Prior to founding Reach, Jonathan:

  • Served as VP of Research and Development for Orchid Technology, one of the first companies to develop add-on cards for the IBM PC.
  • Worked for Sytek, developing packet network protocols and implementing broadband network bridges.
  • Served at Bell Canada where he worked on nation-wide data transport services and early packet-switched data.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied science (engineering science/electrical engineering) from the University of Toronto.