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Product Documentation

Pick a product from the table below to find product features, board dimensions, power requirements, grounding, environmental, and more.

Current Products

Description Model Product Number
4.3″ Standard Projected Capacitive G2C1-P 51-0401-32
4.3″ Standard Resistive G2C1-R 51-0401-22
5.7″ Standard Resistive G2H2-5R 51-0406-081
7″ Standard Projected Capacitive G2H2-7P 51-0406-411
7″ Standard Resistive G2H2-7R 51-0406-401
10.1″ Standard Projected Capacitive G2H2-10P 51-0406-051
10.1″ Standard Resistive G2H2-10R 51-0406-042
12.1″ Standard Projected Capacitive G2H2-12P 51-0406-0D2

Legacy Products

Legacy products are available for existing customers. New modules supersede legacy modules, so they are not recommended for new designs. Reach has no plans to obsolete these products, and will support them, and customers using them into the future. Read more about our approach to Long-Term Supply.

Description Model Product Number
4.3″ Lite Projected Capacitive G2C1L-P 51-0401-42
4.3″ Lite Resistive G2C1L-R 51-0401-52
5.7″ Standard Resistive G2H2-5R 51-0406-181
7″ Standard Projected Capacitive G2H2-7P 51-0406-211
7″ Standard Resistive G2H2-7R 51-0406-201