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What You Will Find In Your G2H2 Kit

Congratulations on getting a G2H2 Development Kit. We would like to show you around.

Find These First

In addition to the display module, here are the items you’ll find in your G2H2 kit. Additional accessories can be purchased online should you need them for prototyping or to replace items that have broken.

Watch this video to see how to set the G2H2 module up for basic operation.

Other G2H2 Accessories

These items will come into play later in development.


Let’s Get Started

To start the demo:G2H2

  1. Insert the SD Card into the SD Card Slot on the board.
  2. Locate cable P/N 23-0160-18 and connect the 8-pin PICO connector to the POWER/RS232 (J2) on the Controller board.
  3. Connect the barrel connector from the Power Supply into the power cable jack on the POWER/RS232 cable.
  4. Plug in the Power Supply power cord.

You will be greeted by a boot screen:

Loading Screen G2H2

When the boot process is finished, you will be presented with a screen with several Qt demos showing various supported features. To scroll through the G2H2 demos, use the buttons on the right (best with resistive screens) or the swipe area on the left (best with capacitive screens).

G2H2 Welcome