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QML Viewer

Configuration Options

At startup, the QML Viewer reads a file called /application/src/settings.conf.

The settings.conf has the following configuration options:


This is the path to the main QML file.


This is the path to the TIO Agent socket file.


This option enables lookup acknowledgements. There are four ACK codes returned by the QML Viewer.

  • LUOK – Look Up OK. The QML Viewer found the object and set the property.
  • LUNO – Look Up No Object. The QML Viewer could not find the object.
  • LUNP – Look Up No Property. The QML Viewer found the object but could not set the property.
  • SYNERR – Syntax Error. The messages was not in objectName.property=value format.


  • With this enabled the QML Viewer will send out a ping message at the specified interval. The interval is in seconds. If the QML Viewer does not receive a pong message before the next interval the QML Viewer will emit a noHearbeat signal the the running QML. If the QML Viewer does receive a pong message the QML Viewer will emit a heartbeat signal. This allows the executing QML code to exchange heartbeats with an external device.


  • Run the QML Viewer in Full Screen mode.


  • Hide the window cursor.

Console Output

If you need to see the QML Viewer console output, use these commands from the display module debug console to restart the QML Viewer:

killall qml-viewer
/application/bin/qml-viewer -qws

The console output will then be visible on the debug console.