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Application Loader

For manufacturing flexibility, Application Loader allows customers to install display modules and then later program them. To do this, order Application Loader software to come preloaded on the display module’s on-board NAND memory. This allows your manufacturing team to load your QML application directly into NAND on the module before final testing and shipment.

Follow these steps to add the Application Loader into NAND:


  1. Download one of the following images based on your display module:
    1. G2C1 Application Loader lock
    2. G2C1L Application Loader lock
  2. Burn the image to SD Card as described here.
  3. Boot from this SD Card and connect with G2Link.
  4. In the “Advanced View”, click “Upgrade Flash” to load into NAND.

Advanced View UI

  1. Add the jumper (J2) as described in “Using a Jumper to Select Boot Media“.
  2. Boot from NAND and you will be presented with options to load from SD Card or USB.
  3. Place your production ready QML application on an SD Card or USB drive.
  4. Choose a source and press “GO”.
  5. After installation press “Reset” to reboot the module.