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4.3″ Lite Resistive (Model: G2C1L-R)

We recommend using the 4.3″ Standard Resistive Display Module for new designs, however this product is still available for existing customers. For more information, visit long term supply.

Powered by the G2C1 controller, this general purpose module is small enough to easily fit in space-constrained applications. It runs on 5V and offers input/output (I/O) options including one RS-232 serial port and 10/100 Ethernet.

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linux touch screen frontlinux touchscreen back

Developer Reach Technology
Type Single Board Computer
Release date 29 February 2012
Operating system Linux¹
Power 5V
CPU NXP i.MX28 454Mhz Processor
Storage capacity microSD 128 / 128 MB NAND Flash
Memory 128 MB DDR2 DRAM (Expandable)

While our modules are Linux-based – you don’t need to be a Linux developer to use them. More