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Getting Started with a Development Kit

This video shows you how to get a kit up-and-running once it arrives. Find videos specific to your kit on the Product Documentation pages.

For Linux-based Developers

Linux Quick Start Guide

For Windows-based Developers

Windows Quick Start Guide

While our touchscreens are Linux-based – that doesn’t mean you need to be a Linux developer to use them.

Our solution allows developers to use Windows GUI tools to develop their application and then load it into our display controller to run. Write a complete graphical interface, test it out on the PC, and then simply drag the application over to our display module’s file system to run. It runs the same as on the desktop. Reach has developed a suite of drag-and-drop interface components for quick prototyping.

Whether you develop in Qt or in QML, you can run the same code on the PC or the target. Reach does all the work of configuring Linux and making it run your GUI code. Reach provides customers with custom start-up screens and specialized I/O agents (processes) to connect the GUI to the outside world.