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Frequently Asked Questions

In our 25+ years helping customers develop products, we have collected and responded to many common questions. If you’re stuck, or not sure what to do next, give our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages a look. Your question may have already been answered.

Getting Started

Why is there a Windows and a Linux Development Kit package?

Which Linux distribution is running on the display module?

Communicating with Hardware

What are the different I/O options between models?

How do I connect a display module directly to my PC?

How can my microcontroller talk to your user interface widgets and code?

What are the Linux device names for the UART ports on the display module?

How do I change the baud rate on the serial port?

What is the +5_EXT signal for?

How do I move my QML code to the display module?

How do I load new software (kernel) releases onto the SD Card?

How do I load new software (kernel) releases onto the On-Board Flash?

How do I add another partition to the SD card in my module?

How do I resize a partition on the SD card in my module?

Does the CAN bus on the G2 modules support the CAN 2.0 specification?

What are the reserved I2C device addresses on the display module?

Is it possible to run the G2H2 network over a USB-Ethernet adapter?

When I try to connect to the display module using G2Link, I get a Windows pop-up saying that I need to enter my network credentials.

How can I fix issues connecting to the display module via G2Link. I have a valid IP address and I can ping it, but I cannot publish my project nor display folders.

Programming with Qt/QML/C/C++

How do I learn the QML language and Qt Creator IDE
(Integrated Development Environment)?

Are there other Qt/QML learning resources?

Where are your QML Components documented?

Do I have to purchase a Qt license?

Do I have to use QML/Qt, or can I use C++?

I’m constantly removing and replacing the SD Card. Is there an easier way?

How can I improve the performance (speed) of my QML Application?

How do I port a G2C1 application to the G2H2 module?

I made a QML project that worked. When I try to reopen, I get File Not Found error.

Programming with Qt Creator

Do I have to use the version of Qt Creator that comes with the development kit?

I copied a QML example from the web and it doesn’t work – what is wrong?

Troubleshooting: “Using Qt Quick 1 code model instead of Qt Quick 2” Error

Troubleshooting: Design Mode in Qt Creator Acting Strange

How to I add/change items in a List Field?

Are Qt Quick Controls supported?

Controlling the Screen

How do I switch the display module to between portrait and landscape mode?

How do I rotate the display by 90° or 180°?

Touch Calibration Questions

Do the modules run a display server such as X11 or Wayland? Is there support for OpenGL?


Touchscreen Not Working Correctly

Why doesn’t the module boot properly (jumper is in) from NAND?

How do I debug messages between my microprocessor and the display module?

I use connection.sendMessage() to send messages to my microcontroller, but get a “Reference Error” when I run the QML application on a PC. How do I avoid this error?


Do you have a “ruggedized” display module?


What is the mean time between failures (MTBF) for the display modules?

Is there support for development using a Mac?

Is there a package manager on the display module?

Linux VM and system date do not match host system date. How do I fix this?

What are the differences between resistive and projected capacitive touch screens?

Looking for something simpler?

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