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Qt Creator: Integrated Development Environment

Qt Creator is a cross-platform Integrated Developing Environment (IDE) for QML and Qt C++. It makes it easy to write, debug, and run programs. It offers Autocomplete and Help pages for Qt provided objects and components. Download the Qt Creator Installer from the links below.


Download and run Reach’s Qt Creator Installer:

Accept the default installation options. A shortcut to Qt Creator will be placed on the Desktop and Start menu.


Starting a Project

To start a project, click File → New File or Project… Choose the type of project you would like to create from the dialog. To create a QML Project, select Applications, then select Qt Quick 1 UI, then click Choose… Give your project a name, browse to the desired folder, click Next, then Finish. By default, a simple “Hello World” project is generated. You will need to adjust the width and height properties to match your screen (i.e. 489 x 272 for a 4.3″ display module).


Qt Creator Features

Qt Creator has two modes, Edit and Design. The Design mode shows what the application’s UI will look like, while the Edit mode shows its source code.

Learn more about writing QML.

To get help and documentation for a particular object or component, click on the object’s symbol and press F1.


  • Qt has a comprehensive introduction to the IDE.
  • Ask a Reach Engineer. Contact our technical support staff for help.

Qt License

You do not need to purchase a Qt license. Qt License Details

Qt Creator Logo
Screenshot of Qt Creator 2.0.1.

Screenshot of Qt Creator 2.0.1.


Developer(s) Qt Project
Stable release 2.8.1 / 28 August 2013
Written in C++
Operating system Linux, OS X, Windows
License LGPL
Website qt.io.com