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Development Kits

Start at $399. 2,500+ kits sold to date. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Windows and Linux Touchscreen Development Kits include all the hardware, software, and support you need to quickly create a prototype. When you are ready, move smoothly into production with off-the-shelf display modules that offer 5-7 years availability as a minimum. Kits generally ship from stock within a day of receiving an order.Touchscreen Development Kits

Proven Hardware
Full Software Support
Long-Term Supply
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike other off-the-shelf hardware products that require specialized Linux expertise to use, Reach offers Touchscreen Development Kits suited for developers’ existing tool knowledge.

See What Comes in a Kit

4.3″ Development Kits

5.7″, 7″, 10.1″ and 12.1″ Development Kits

How to Get Started

To see how to get a development kit set up, learn more about QML development, see Application Notes and more, find the Software Documentation that goes with your kit.

  1. Go to the Product Documentation page.
  2. Select the product you are using from the table based on the Development Kit Part Number.
  3. In the Getting Started toggle, click on the link for Software Documentation.

Order a Development Kit

Part Number: 52-0401-22
4.3” Standard Resistive (G2C1-R)
$399 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0401-33
4.3” Standard Projected Capacitive (G2C1-P)
$419 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0406-081
5.7” Standard Resistive (G2H2-5R)
$599 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0406-401
7” Standard Resistive (G2H2-7R)
$609 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0406-411
7” Standard Projected Capacitive (G2H2-7P)
$639 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0406-042
10.1” Standard Resistive (G2H2-10R)
$679 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0406-051
10.1” Standard Projected Capacitive (G2H2-10P)
$699 Add to Cart
Part Number: 52-0406-0D2
12.1” Standard Projected Capacitive (G2H2-12P)
$1,009 Add to Cart

Other Ways to Order: Call or Email

Call Reach Sales at 510-770-1417 or email sales@reachtech.com.

Development Kits for Prototypes

Development Kits are available for engineers working on prototypes, and therefore orders are limited to two units.

See Also

Watch how to get a 4.3″ kit up and running once it arrives. More videos.

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