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Custom Modules

If our standard display modules are not a fit, we can provide customized modules if you have sufficient production volumes.

There are two ways to create custom modules:

  1. Take a standard display module and decide what parts you do not need. We will depopulate the board and do a custom build. Production volume requirement is greater than 500 units. If this is the case, you can start with a standard development kit with all the features and figure out which parts of it you actually use.
  2. We can design a custom display module if the standard display modules do not suit your needs, either because you want a different panel, or need a specific interface we do not include. Custom module design requires a production volume of 1,000 units or more.

Please contact us to discuss either of these options or use the form below.

Tell Us About Your Project

Let us know a bit about your project and someone from our engineering team will be in touch to help you navigate through the many options for each such as display size, brightness, viewing angle, resistive vs. capacitive, etc. Our pre-sales engineering team can be reached at 503-675-6464 x2.

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