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Nextion Alternative: Complete Display Modules

Nextion is primarily a PCB manufacturer which means you will still need to provide a controller (Raspberry Pi, etc.). In contrast, Reach Technology offers complete display modules – everything you need to add a color touchscreen to your product. Our Advanced Platform includes an embedded Linux OS and a wide variety of I/O options such as RS232, USB, GPIO, and Ethernet. Our platform also lets you do your GUI design in Qt Creator on your PC and then download it into the module using our G2Link utility. We use industrial quality, long-term availability LCD panels and touchscreens and support our products 5-7 years or more.

Linux Touchscreen Products


Range of sizes (4.3″, 5.7″, 7″10.1″ and 12.1″) and connectivity options. Software included.

Linux Touchscreen Development Tools


Explore software architecture and development environment options. See examples and demos.

Linux Touchscreen Development Kit

Start with a Kit

Off-the-shelf development kits start at $299, make it easy to get started.

Linux Touchscreen Support

Ask an Engineer

Talk directly to an engineer to get your questions answered.


Reasons to Avoid Low-Cost Single Board Computers with LCDs


Low-cost means you have to do a lot of work, and if/when it doesn’t work, you are on your own. See Total Cost of Development Considerations.


Cheap electronics can mean your product won’t pass regulatory compliance tests for EMC and ESD which can result in costly production delays and mitigation.

Reasons to Pick Linux Touchscreen Modules


Size Choices: Display modules come in a range of sizes with many I/O and touch options. More


Development Options: QT Creator for an easy drag-and-drop environment. More


Quick Start: Development kits, tools, and documentation all provided. More


Full Support: Get over prototype hurdles and move smoothly into production. More


Made in USA: Designed and built in the USA for quality, availability, and fast support. Long-term supply 5-7 years as a minimum. More


Quality: Reach consistently receives high marks from customers who track incoming quality and field reliability. They tell us we are among their very best suppliers. More


Longevity: In business 25+ years, hundreds of happy customers, on Inc.’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List. More


Regulatory Made Simple: Products are highly ESD Tolerant and pre-scanned to FCC Class B to simplify regulatory approval of your final product.

See how to get a quick start with a development kit in a range of sizes. Compare simple vs. advanced modules. Both come with full technical support and long-term supply. One Sheet