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NEW: LCD Touch Screen Display 7 Inch Module

New off-the-shelf modules offer proven hardware and full software support to speed development and reduce production risk. Products give engineers a way to add a touchscreen with a high-end look, in terms of animated controls and glossy indicators, to their products.

Reach Technology, Inc. a leader in Linux Touchscreen Display Modules, today launched a new  LCD Touch Screen Display 7 Inch Module (Model: G2H2-7P) helps engineers add user interfaces that look like an iPad® or iPhone® (scrolling, sliding, transparencies, 3D graphics, and animations) to medical or industrial products. These modules:

  • Separate GUI design and real time processing to simplify and speed development.
  • Offer good price/performance.
  • Provide full connectivity options: RS-232, CAN bus, Ethernet, USB host, USB device, I2C, GPIO.
  • Include High level Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with drag-and-drop visual design tools.
  • Offer proven hardware and full software support.

Powered by the G2H2 controller, this general-purpose LCD Touch Screen Display 7 Inch module incorporates an industrial panel with an integrated touch screen designed for applications that demand long term availability. With a Freescale i.MX 6Solo ARM Cortex-A9 core processor, the module offers a wealth of I/O interfaces for connecting to other sections of a medical or industrial product. It can be powered with an input of 5V to 12V DC. Specifications at https://www.linuxtouchscreen.com/support/product-specific-documentation/g2h2-7p/.

This module runs Embedded Linux for stability, reliability, and long term support. Unlike other hardware products that require specialized Linux expertise to use, Reach offers kits suited for developers’ existing tool knowledge. Quick Start Guides at https://www.linuxtouchscreen.com/support/getting-started-with-a-development-kit/.

Specialized hardware/software available to volume customers.

LCD Touch Screen Display 7 Inch Development Kits
Engineers can get started with a development kit for $499 which includes all the hardware, software, and support needed to create a prototype in days, not months. Customers can move smoothly into production with off-the-shelf display modules offering 5-7 years availability as a minimum.