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Development Tools

Use tools and languages familiar to you to design a user interface and control devices attached to the Reach display module. There are several main options to consider.

Qt Creator

A complete development environment with a palette of drag-and-drop UI elements that can be customized as needed for your interface look and feel. Display modules come with a Qt license. Installing Qt Creator

QML Programming

Qt Application Framework

Need an Embedded Web Server?

If you’d rather use a Web front-end, our display modules also offer a built-in web server using lighttpd so they can serve an embedded Web interface.

Custom Application

Take advantage of the flexibility of Linux. Our display modules can communicate using RS232, RS485, I2C, CAN, Ethernet, and USB. Work with Reach to create a custom build of your required Linux components, testing functionality, and working with your team as things change over time. Reach can provide a custom distribution of libraries as needed.

For Windows Developers

While our touchscreens are Linux-based – that doesn’t mean you need to be a Linux developer to use them. More

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