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Made in the USA

For quality and availability, Reach controller boards are made in the USA, display modules are assembled in the USA, and all positions are staffed in the USA. Here is why this matters and how Reach can still offer competitive pricing.

Which sounds worse?

  • You have a stockpile of LCD displays you cannot use.
  • You cannot get the LCD displays you need to build and ship products. You are losing business.
  • You received an order of LCD displays, but for some reason none of them work. You are losing business while you get the problem resolved.

When you need to add a touch screen to your product and your company sells less than 2,000 units in a year, sourcing your own LCD displays will cause you, your purchasing department, and your sales team pain. You have an alternative. Work with a vendor that aggregates LCD demand for low-volume customers and get:

  • Displays when you need them.
  • Substitute displays with the same mechanical mounting to avoid packaging redesign when your display becomes obsolete.

Reach LCD Touch Screen Availability

  • Our development kits generally ship in 1-2 days after we receive the order.
  • There is a long lead time for components, in particular LCDs which can be 14-16 weeks. The sooner we get your production orders, the better we can meet your needs. While we keep standard products on the shelf for prototyping and small-volume initial production, the majority of production shipments are made-to-order.
  • We mitigate long lead time items by having blanket purchase orders in our system. If you want to be assured you will get production modules when you need them, please contact sales to place a purchase order as soon as possible.
  • Reach operates where there is a lot of high-tech manufacturing competition and passes the savings on to customers.

Find out why the LCD display procurement process is more complicated (i.e. lead times, obsolescence) than traditional passive and IC components in the “The LCD business is very different” article.