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Reach Support Clears Embedded Browser and Other Development Hurdles

nodejsA customer using a G2C1 4.3” Standard Display Module had very tight constraints in getting their industrial product, a web-enabled pump control system, to market. Even though they had some embedded Linux system knowledge, they encountered unanticipated problems and could not move forward without fixing the issues.

Driver Development

The customer was unable to compile a broadband modem driver and get it running on their module. In less than two days, Reach support provided a custom build with drivers loaded as kernel modules.

Embedded Browser

The customer wanted an “Embedded Browser” running NodeJS. The version the OpenEmbedded build framework provided was too old to meet their needs. After a few days of work, Reach support provided a compatible version of NodeJS.

Logging Tools/Tool Chain

A few months further into development, the customer returned and needed some common logging tools, as well as a toolchain for building code in C. This was added to their build without delay, keeping them focused on their application.

Miscellaneous Items

Three more times the customer returned to add simple tools such as time zone support, increasing file system storage, and adding Point-to-Point services. These support requests were routed directly to an engineer and resolved, quickly getting the customer moving forward.

Complete Support

Reach is one of a very few vendors that offer complete support for both hardware and software. Customers have access to our team of embedded Linux engineers who quickly form a plan to solve customer issues or address changes needed in the default build setup. Custom kernel drivers or user space applications can be added as needed. When these situations present themselves, we are here to help.

Over a four-month development cycle, Reach engineers provided the necessary customization to the customer’s build and made the most of their development time.